“Mid-Century Type” Unpacks the Rise of the Typographer

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For all of those lifelong students of art and design, say hello to your next at-home library must-have: Mid-Century Type: Typography, Graphics, Designers.

Compiled by the award-winning typographer and graphic designer David Jury for Merrell PublishersMid-Century Type offers a visual exploration of the rise of the typographer after World War II, between 1945 and 1965. With advancements in printing came booms within the magazine and book industries, and further technological breakthroughs led to an elevated era of film and television title sequences. Coupled with a thriving travel economy which saw an increased need for signage and advertising, the golden age of the typographer came to the fore. 

Each chapter of the compendium is dedicated to a particular sect of design in which typography has played a significant role. These chapters range from categories like Posters and Corporate Identity to Transport to Film & Television. Jury provides insights into European and American typographers within these fields, accompanied by over 500 illustrations of typefaces, advertisements, book covers, specialist journals, posters, and more.

If you’re a type lover or even if you’re just type-curious, Mid-Century Type is absolutely essential for understanding the history of the art form.