If you want to reach the graphic design market, this is the way to do it.

Who reads PRINT you ask?

  • 96% of our readers have been involved in design for more than 5 years.
  • Designers, art director and creative directors (90+%) work in organizations both big and small.
  • 27% are owners, principals or partners.
  • 70% of our audience are involved in purchasing decisions.
  • Our readers buy goods and services – more than $38,000 in purchases annually.

If you are interested in advertising with PRINT, contact our sales team:

​Laura Des Enfants

Deb Aldrich

Online Advertising Specifications

3rd Party Ad Serving

​Our ad-serving system has been verified to work with the following 3rd party ad servers. If your vendor is not listed here, please contact your sales representative to arrange for a test.

  • Eyeblaster
  • Pointroll
  • Atlas
  • Mediaplex
  • DoubleClick
  • BlueStreak

Dedicated Email Broadcasts


  • Maximum File Size: 40 KB
  • Maximum Width: 600 Pixels
  • No Rich Media, attachments, scripts or automatic downloads.
  • Images may be jpg or gif and should be hosted on advertiser website.
  • All styles/CSS must be embedded within the HTML. External CSS not accepted.

Lead time:

  • Final HTML code must be received from advertiser 8 days prior to scheduled release date.
  • Test message is sent to advertiser email addresses 2 days prior to release.
  • Any changes requested after the test may result in delay of the release of the email.