PRINT Book Club: Warren Lehrer Previews Two Visually Stunning Titles

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Join Us Thursday, May 16 at 4 pm ET

It’s a two-fer at our next PRINT Book Club! Warren Lehrer, winner of the Ladislav Sutnar Prize for his pioneering work and lifetime achievement in Visual Literature and Design, will be on hand to preview two new books: the beautifully conceived Jericho’s Daughter and Riveted in the Word, a new kind of ebook.

Debbie Millman and Steven Heller will chat with Lehrer about these gorgeous stories, both told with bifurcated structures revealing lives torn apart and beginning anew.

Jericho’s Daughter is an anti-war, feminist reimagining of the biblical tale of Rahab, the Canaanite “harlot” who lived in a mud hut inside the outer brick wall of Jericho. One of only a few characters who appear in the Old and New Testaments, Rahab is lauded by both Jews and Christians as a reformed sinner and a symbol of faith. Lehrer places Rahab center stage, revealing a very different perspective of the enigmatic character and the meaning of her story. The beautifully produced, full-color book is illuminated with original images and objects created by Sharon Horvath. Given the horrific situation in Israel and Gaza, Rahab’s call to end the cycle of war and death takes on important urgency. A percentage of the proceeds from Jericho’s Daughter will go to Women Wage Peace, the largest grassroots peace movement in Israel.

EarSay is publishing Jericho’s Daughter simultaneously with Lehrer’s first fully electronic book, Riveted in the Word, inspired by the true story of a writer’s hard-fought battle to regain language after a devastating stroke. Written and designed by Warren Lehrer, this multimedia book app places the reader inside the mind of a retired history professor as she recalls her journey with Broca Aphasia. The custom interface toggles between columns of text that readers navigate at their own pace, and animated sections that evoke gaps between perceptions (thoughts, memories, desires) and the words needed to communicate. This deeply moving story about overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles is told in a dynamic new way, with kinetic typography and an original soundtrack by composer, multi-instrumentalist Andrew Griffin, programmed by Artemio Morales.

Warren Lehrer is a writer, lecturer, publisher, and speaker. His essays on design authorship, visual literature, and design education have been widely reproduced. He has been written about in scores of books and in many feature articles and reviews in print and broadcast media. Lehrer is a founding faculty member of the Designer As Author & Entrepreneur MFA program at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) in NYC, and Professor Emeritus at the School of Art+Design at Purchase College, SUNY, where he Chaired the Design program for many years.

Over the last few years, Lehrer has been setting stories and text into animation, video, and interactive media. He’s also been collaborating with select poets visualizing their writing into books, animation, and live performance events.

Don’t miss our conversation with Warren Lehrer on Thursday, May 16 at 4 PM ET. Register for the live stream discussion. Links to buy Jericho’s Daughter and Riveted in the Word coming soon!