Brands for a Better World: Shifting Towards Sustainability

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Conscious consumerism has grown exponentially in recent years, with shoppers expecting more transparency and less waste from the brands they choose to support. While shifting towards more sustainable business practices obviously has a positive impact on the environment, there are also a number of benefits for your brand, which you’ll learn more about in today’s episode! 

To help us explore this topic, we are joined by Alicia Lahey, Co-Founder and CEO of Humble Snacks, Canada’s first organic potato chip packaged in 100% plastic-free, compostable bags. We discuss Alicia’s experience in big food, why she and her husband made the shift to a more sustainable lifestyle, and why she didn’t want to launch her own brand unless it came in better packaging, plus so much more.

To find out how you can continue to innovate in the natural and organic snack category and ensure that your packaging mirrors the philosophy of your brand, you won’t want to miss today’s episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Some of the challenges that come with adopting sustainable packaging solutions.
  • Why Alicia and her husband were so committed to creating eco-friendly bags.
  • Lessons learned from SunChips’ infamously noisy packaging.
  • A look at Humble’s partnership with A Plastic Planet to develop their plastic-free bag.
  • The importance of investing in plastic-free or plastic-neutral initiatives.
  • Limitations of compostable packaging and how Humble seeks to solve them.
  • How proving sustainable packaging successful will move the needle for larger brands.
  • Alicia’s take on the future of better snacking (and where there’s room for innovation).
  • Other product categories that Humble will expand into in the future.
  • The inspiration behind their ‘humble’ brand name.
  • Why communication is key when working with your spouse in your family business!
  • Hurdles Alicia and her husband had to overcome to get their product on shelves.
  • Valuable fundraising tips for other purpose-over-profit founders.
  • Identifying (and filling) a gap in the market for organic, light, crispy, skin-on potato chips.
  • Insight into Alicia’s research and development process for Humble Snacks.
  • How Alicia found her way into the CPG industry, starting with driving a truck!

Read the transcript and find links from the episode at Brands for a Better World.

The Brands for a Better World podcast (formerly Evolve CPG) is hosted by Gage Mitchell, founder (CEO) and Creative Director at Modern Species, a sustainable brand design agency helping better-for-the-world brand launch, evolve, and grow to scale their impact.