‘Architecture Snob’ Presents Cutting-Edge Design Criticism in a Gorgeous Package

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Architecture Snob, designed by Uniforma Studio, is a new magazine that fills a void in the modern architecture space by critically looking at the category. “Together, we want to look for hope for the future in times of the climate crisis and try to (re)organize the surrounding reality which is full of inequalities— also in terms of access to architecture,” said Editor-in-Chief Marcin Szczelina.

Architecture Snob analyzes how the humans interact with the medium, and while the magazine places architecture at its core, its reach is all-encompassing, from fashion and design to social sciences to ecology. The design style is minimalistic, raw, and stripped to the basics, but still retains a high-fashion, editorial driving force. The sans serif typography and beautiful imagery highlight a deep love for understated aesthetics and a strong eye for composition. 

Art direction: Michał Mierzwa, Maciej Mach
Editorial design: Anna Morawiak
Production: Anna Morawiak
Logotype and cover: Supergut Studio / Łukasz Smolarczyk
Photography: muto.studio
Editor-in-Chief: Marcin Szczelina, Architecture Snob.