Cash App Encourages Everyone to Get Their “BREAD”

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Last week, Cash App, the platform that allows users to do more with their money, launched a magazine to encourage financial literacy — to make financial education more accessible.

BREAD, a free, limited-edition zine, uses design to tell stories and educate readers in a relatable and accessible way. As a brand extension for Cash App, the zine bridges financial literacy and culture, using design and storytelling to make complex financial concepts more accessible and engaging. The inaugural issue focuses on Bitcoin, offering readers a fresh, inclusive perspective on the digital currency.

Cash App’s vision for BREAD extends beyond just information sharing; it aims to transform how people perceive financial education. In a world where discussions about money can be daunting or exclusive, BREAD seeks to make learning about finances more accessible and enjoyable for everyone.

What sets BREAD apart is the collaborative effort of influential artists, designers, and writers, including Allison P. Davis, Richard Turley, and DAISUKE. Their diverse contributions explore various topics, from Bitcoin mining to rebranding the cryptocurrency and unveiling the enigma surrounding its creator.

The BREAD Bitcoin Issue is available in select stores across major US cities. Readers can also access the zine online to order a free print copy.

BREAD Contributor Highlights:

Writers: Allison P Davis, Collier Meyerson, Emilia Petrarca, Margaret Rhodes, Elise Craig

Designers & Illustrations: DAISUKE, Richard Turley, Porto Rocha, FRKO, Cevallos Bros, Stephanie Specht, Steven Montinar

Raul Lopez (LUAR Founder)