Repslabel Orchestrates Visual Symphony for Les Boréades

Posted inBranding & Identity Design

Montreal-based creative agency Repslabel has recently revamped the visual identity for Les Boréades, a distinguished music ensemble specializing in Baroque repertoire. Since its founding in 1991, the group has been recognized for its dynamic and expressive performance style. Les Boréades enlisted Repslabel to refresh their visual identity and graphic system, blending contemporary design with historical accents.

To maximize the impact of the new identity, Repslabel orchestrated a comprehensive campaign that works across various elements, including digital publications and promotions. The conceptual campaign pays homage to Baroque composers, utilizing graffiti to shroud their identities in secrecy, infusing Les Boréades with an enigmatic quality that focuses squarely on the music itself. This strategic approach enhances the ensemble’s artistic presence and showcases the adaptability and creativity embedded in their revitalized visual branding.

The newly crafted identity is flexible and designed to adapt seamlessly across various media over time. The typographic approach carries a distinct personality, communicating information with clarity and impact. The grid structure provides versatility, accommodating different visual and typographic elements based on the integrated content. A simple yet powerful color palette adds sophistication and allows for harmonization with diverse graphic styles.

Repslabel’s ‘Go for Baroque’ approach, combining contemporary graffiti in contrast with the highly ornate and elaborate style of Baroque, is music to my ears.