Catch Feelings Not Fish: EVERLAND Serves Up A Fresh Brand for OLALA!

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There’s nothing fishy going on, only an uncanny resemblance to fresh seafood. I can’t help myself with puns, double entendres, and other wordplay, much to the chagrin of my friends and family (and perhaps, you!). And when it comes to brand copywriting, humor and wit can make a brand more approachable, especially new products that consumers might hesitate to try. Case in point: plant-based seafood.

In tumultuous times, bold brands thrive on unique viewpoints, meaningful collaboration, creative bravery, and unwavering craftsmanship; precisely the approach taken by French start-up OLALA!

Founders François Blum and Simon Ferniot understand that taste remains paramount in consumer choices, especially in the plant-based industry. With this focus on taste, they revamped their brand design to propel their plant-based seafood globally. Teaming up with EVERLAND, a global consumer brand and design agency based in Scandinavia, they developed a comprehensive strategy encompassing brand positioning, communication, activation, and visual identity.

With a mission to provoke good growth through strategy, innovation, creativity, and consumer experiences, EVERLAND shapes bold future-looking consumer brands.

“When nearly all competitors focus on rationality and sustainability, we focus on the emotional aspects of having a great meal. Desires and tastes make for a much more robust platform”, explains Mads Hauge Lindum, Senior Brand Strategist at EVERLAND.

OLALA! crafted a product appealing to gourmet food enthusiasts, not just vegans and vegetarians. The new strategy and identity prioritizes taste excellence and ensures it’s reflected in every aspect of the brand, from casual conversations to formal communication. Even the name OLALA! reflects a well-known feeling – “Ooh là là” in French – a pleasant surprise. All communication revolves around great taste, delightful surprises, and the joy of savoring quality seafood.

We want to make waves, “ says Simon Ferniot, CEO & Co-founder at OLALA!. “We’re here to challenge the market but do it sustainably. Everland helped build a platform for breaking through the ordinary and creating lasting change for the better.”

OLALA! drew its visual inspiration from bistro culture, ​catering to food enthusiasts through its premium yet subtle branding. The design emphasizes the centrality of the meal experience, with off-white tones reminiscent of tablecloths and golden illustrations elevating the presentation. The logo reinforces the message of quality, healthfulness, and environmental friendliness. Currently offering six products, including “Salmonderful,” “Tunalicious,” and “Toramazing,” all featuring key algae ingredients, OLALA! plans to expand its product line soon.

“OLALA! is about taste in more than one way. It’s about the craft, creativity, and a mouth-watering sensation steaming on your plate. It’s understated confidence, verbally and visually; it’s what’s needed to make change happen.”

Carl Larsson, Creative Director & Partner at EVERLAND