Best Book Covers of the Month: July 2023

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Articles purporting to show the best™ of anything should generally be taken with a grain of salt. After all, design is wildly subjective business, so who am I (or anyone) to say what’s objectively good or— to truly reach for deluded grandeur— best?

Title-wise, though, “Some Human’s Favorite Book Covers He Spotted This Month” just doesn’t have the same ring to it. So! I’ve said throughout many years of covering design, writers, and that sweet spot where the two meet that I was going to do a monthly roundup of book cover brilliance at some point—and I’m doing it for once. So stay tuned each month for The Best Book Covers of the Month, a title that might feel reductive to some… but hey, it will have the side effect of hopefully spreading some nice design far and wide.

Selfishly, a series like this is a great excuse to get lost in that design on the regular— and I hope you lose your way in this labyrinth of fantastic work too.

Design by Alex Merto
Design by Matt Broughton
Design by Alicia Tatone (painting by Shannon Cartier Lucy)
Design by Janay Nachel
Design by Tom Etherington
Design by Cecilia R. Zhang
Design by Suzanne Dean (illustration by Anna Morrison)
Design by Jack Smyth
Design by Jaya Micelli (source)