Best Book Covers of the Month: August 2023

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For book and book cover fans, August is one of the more nerdily delightful months of the year, an ever-widening keyhole to the fall publishing deluge to come. As authors prepare to fight for shelf presence in said deluge (and again in the spring), covers are critical … and right now designers and publishing houses are dropping upcoming jackets on social media left and right.

In this month’s collection …

  • Oliver Munday crafts an ominous, retro-tinted rose treatment entirely suited for a novel described as Snow White meets Eyes Wide Shut.
  • From the jagged lettering to the composition and flow, Anna Morrison brings brilliant chaos to Yelena Moskovich’s latest.
  • Math Monahan distills Hunter S. Thompson down to his most elemental. (I long for a copy of this with no type at all.)

… And more. 

Happy almost-fall. May the stifling humidity dissipate and the best books hit our shelves soon.

Have you spotted a great new cover in the wild (or created one)? Send it my way for consideration in a future installment!

Design by Alex Merto
Design by Oliver Munday
Design by Arsh Raziuddin
Design by Tyler Comrie
Design by Nicole Caputo
Design by Zoe Norvell
Design by Anna Morrison
Design by Math Monahan
Design by Dana Li