15 of the Best Book Covers of January 2024

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In the wake of all those excellent but voluminous “Best Book Covers of 2023” articles that ran in December (which, indeed, I contributed to!), you might think we’d all have a collective jacket hangover. But: January is actually a fantastic month for cover coverage, if only because it’s a time when so much brilliant work is at risk of getting lost or overlooked in the post-holiday haze. 

To wit:

Thomas Colligan’s cosmically beautiful, playful take on Marie-Helene Bertino’s Beautyland, which I’d buy as a poster

The delightful type on Holly Gramazio’s Husbands and Shannon Sanders’ Company.

The vibrant jester insanity of Glen James Brown’s Mother Naked (don’t miss that poulaine merging into the ‘a’).

… And on and on.

Too much gets lost in January. So this year, let’s rectify that. 

Here are 15 of our favorite cover reveals/launches of the new year.

Design by Thomas Colligan
Design by Luísa Dias
Design by Jack Smyth
Design by Jon Gray
Design by Kelly Winton
Design by Anna Morrison
Design by Emily Mahon
Design by Tyler Comrie
Design by Jaya Miceli
Design by Heike Schüssler
Design by Na Kim
Design by Tom Etherington
Design by Jaya Miceli; art by Jane Fisher