22 of the Best Book Covers of the Month

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OK, so technically, if PRINT had its own version of Community Notes, I’d get Community Noted on the title of this article. That’s because after I published last month’s column, the end of February brought a bevy of book cover brilliance that left me cursing the publishing gods. So I did a bit of editorial time travel and snuck in some picks from late February, giving us in actuality what amounts to “22 of the Best Book Covers of the Month(-ish).”

A few highlights and (non Community) notes:

  • Cover design has been thriving in vintage type treatments, layouts, and all visual terrain in between. What I’ve loved lately: Those fascinating covers where past bleeds into present (if not future)—such as in Kishan Rajani’s work on Little Rot.
  • I’ve spoken to different designers over the years about the challenges presented by short story collections (in particular: How does one craft a single image to represent a dozen or more disparate parts?). Especially when, say, the collection goes like this: “An influencer attempts to derail a viral TV marketing campaign with her violent cult following. A marriage between two ghost hunters is threatened when one of them loses her ability to see spirits. The lives of a famous painter in the twilight of her career and a teenage UFO enthusiast converge when a mysterious glowing orb appears in their small desert town. And a slasher-flick screenwriter looking for inspiration escapes a pack of wild dogs only to find herself locked in an SUV with a strange man beside her. Set primarily in deserts throughout the American Southwest, Lena Valencia’s Mystery Lights is a debut collection of stories about women and girls at the crossroads of mundane daily life and existential dread.” Beth Steidle somehow flawlessly pulled everything together in a surreal and enigmatic jacket accented by an utterly perfect typeface.
  • And finally, March brought some striking backlist work from Malika Favre and Coralie Bickford-Smith (that tooth!).

Here are the rest of our favorite book covers revealed or released this month(-ish). 

Design by David Pearson
Design by Alex Merto
Design by Suzanne Dean (illustration by Neue Gestaltung)
Design by Gregg Kulick
Design by Math Monahan
Design by Pablo Delcan
Design by Kishan Rajani
Design by Anna Morrison
Design by Dominique Jones
Design by Julianna Lee
Design by Beth Steidle
Design by Luísa Dias
Design by Joanne O’Neill
Design by Malika Favre
Design by Mark Abrams (painting by Jennifer Allnutt)
Design by Zoe Norvell
Design by Nicole Caputo
Design by Emma Ewbank
Design by Chris Bentham
Design by Kaitlin Kall