From Canon to Context: Book Club Recap with Ellen Lupton

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In a fun and inspirational conversation with Steve Heller and PRINT’s Publisher, Laura Des Enfants, Ellen Lupton shares insights and ideas from her newly-released, revised and expanded, Thinking with Type.

The first edition of Thinking with Type was published in 2004. Since then, it has remained a must-have resource for anyone passionate about typography and design. The latest edition features new and additional voices, examples and principles, and a wider array of typefaces.

A clear advocate for the culture of yes, Lupton talks about the ever-evolving field of typography from a deep historical appreciation to our current cultural context. She also shares some keen insights about aesthetics, why hanging punctuation marks look so much better than unstyled punctuation mixing typefaces, and the process of mixing typefaces to complement one another like wine and cheese.

If you missed the live stream and are thirsty for more type talk, you can register here to watch the discussion.

Don’t own a copy of Thinking with Type? You can order one here.